Picture of the 2nd Lego Christmas Promo Set

Lego Christmas 2014 Set #2

Here is a picture of the 2nd Lego Christmas 2014 set called 40107 Winter Skating Scene. The set will be available exclusively in the online Lego Shop during Brick Friday (aka Black Friday shopping weekend) for free with a purchase of a certain amount (presumably $99). In past years, the set offered during Black Friday, like this one, is offered past that weekend and into December. But, once supplies run out, the set will be gone for good. The 1st Lego Christmas set is called the Lego Elves’ Workshop, it will be available through October 31st, 2014 in the online Lego Shop with a purchase of $99 or more.


New Avengers Trailer and Lego Avengers Set Rumors

Avengers Age of Ultron trailer screencapture

The new Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron trailer is out. Here is a link to watch the epic new video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Do

Lego plans on making 5-6 sets based on the movie. Here is a very preliminary list of the rumored sets:

Avengers – Iron Man

Avengers – Thor Offroader

Avengers – Hulk/Scarlet Witch

Avengers – Spaceship/Captain America

Avengers – Tower

Avengers – Fortress

It may not be very clear, but it gives you somewhat of an idea of what to expect when the sets are released in early summer of next year.

New LEGO The Hobbit Sets – Released October 15th, 2014

New Lego The Hobbit sets - October 15th, 2014

4 new LEGO The Hobbit sets have been released this week. The following is a list of the prices, piece counts, and minifigures included:

Witch-king Battle – $14.99 – 101 pieces – Witch-king, Galadriel, and Elrond.

Battle on Lake-town – $29.99 – 313 pieces – Bain Son of Bard, Bard the Bowman, Tauriel, 2 Hunter Orcs.

Battle of Five-Armies – $59.99 – 472 pieces – Thorin Oakenshield, Dain Ironfoot, Legolas Greenleaf, Azog, Bard the Bowman, 2 Gundabad Orcs, and Gwaihir the bird.

The Lonely Mountain – $129.99 – 866 pieces – Bilbo Baggins, Balin the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Fili the Dwarf, Kili the Dwarf, and Smaug.

LEGO has also released The Hobbit Ultimate Kit, which includes all 4 of the sets listed above. The pack is available in the online Lego Shop. http://shop.lego.com/en-US/The-Hobbit-ByTheme These sets are presumably the final four sets in the Lego Hobbit range.