New Lego Friends Sets Coming This August

The popular female-based Lego Friends theme is set to continue with a new wave of unique and very pink sets this August. The new sets will feature lots of new ideas, pieces, and mini-dolls. Without further ado, here are the images and details on each upcoming set.

41098 Emma’s Tourist Kiosk – 98 pieces – $9.99

Friends Emma's Tourist Kiosk

41103 Pop Star Recording Studio – 172 pieces – $14.99

Friends Pop Star Recording Studio

41099 Heartlake Skate Park – 199 pieces – $19.99

Friends Heartlake Skate Park

41100 Heartlake Private Jet – 230 pieces – $29.99

Friends Heartlake Private Jet

41104 Pop Star Dressing Room – 279 pieces – $29.99

Friends Pop Star Dressing Room

41105 Pop Star Show Stage – 446 pieces – $39.99

Friends Pop Star Show Stage

41106 Pop Star Tour Bus – 681 pieces – Price Unknown

Friends Pop Star Tour Bus

41109 Heartlake City Airport – Piece count and Price Unknown

Friends Heartlake City Airport

41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel – 1555 pieces – $129.99

Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel looks like it will be the most “grand” set out of this wave. It will also hold the record for the largest set to come out of the entire Friends line. The largest set before this was the Heartlake Shopping Mall at $109.99 with 1120 pieces. The Grand Hotel will squash that record with 1555 pieces at $129.99.

That’s it for this information-packed Friends post. What do you think of the new wave? Will you be purchasing any of these when they hit shelves in August? Sound off in the comments below!


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