Lego Ideas Set Based on “The Big Bang Theory” Is Revealed

I don’t know about you, but my nerd meter is totally through the roof. Lego released set pictures of the upcoming Lego Big Bang Theory kit today on social media and the Lego Ideas website. Here is the imagevbefore we get into the nitty-gritty details.


This set marks a milestone for the Lego Ideas line. This is the 10th set released through Lego Ideas! Overall this set looks amazing. The minifigures are nearly spot-on which I really appreciate. I do think the set lost some of the fun details that were in the original model that was uploaded to Lego Ideas for voting. The biggest disappointment for me is that there is no Rubix cube included. That was one of the coolest details of the original model in my opinion. One thing that is great about this set is that it gives us hope for other tv shows getting their own set. The Lego community is pretty lacking in sets based off of their favorite shows. I would personally love to see sets based off of the superhero shows. I’m sure they would sell like hotcakes just like the rest of the superhero sets.

As for the price, it looks like it will cost you $59.99. Not too bad for a set with 7 minfigures. It will include a total of 479 pieces and be available for purchase August 1st of this year.

What are your thoguhts on the set? Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory show? Will you be picking up the set? Sound off in the comments, I love hearing your opinions!


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