More News About Upcoming DC Superhero Items

Lots of news/images have surfaced this week about new figs, books, and possible sets that may make their way into the Lego DC Superhero Universe. First off we have a never before seen fig, Lightning Lad. This fig will make its way onto shelves in a new Minifigure Cube. We saw a different cube like this released exclusively at Target in December of 2014. This looks to be a new, and highly popular, thing for Lego to release yearly. See the image of Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) below!

Lightning Lad

We don’t know much about the next image. It’s a new version of the Dark Knight era Joker. No word on how this will be available to the public, or whether it’s even an official minifigure. The only known set on the 2016 list that includes the Joker is one of the new DC Racer sets. I can’t see Lego putting this figure in a $9.99 set but I’ve been proven wrong before. Maybe Lego has taken the Joker’s advice “Why so serious?” and decided to give fans a cheap way to get the Dark Knight era Joker. Only time will tell!

Lego 2016 Joker

Finally, I keep hearing rumors of a DC Character Encyclopedia. This would make sense considering the ever-growing amount of new figs we see coming out. Lego has not confirmed these rumors, but many sources are saying that we will in fact be getting this new book within the next year.

That’s all for this post. I bid you farewell…. until next time of course!


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