Upcoming Lego City Sets

Lego City is returning to space this year with multiple new sets on City’s Space sub-theme. Of course there will be plenty of other sets that will be based here on earth, but here are images of just a few of the Summer 2015 City wave.

60077 – Space Starter Set – $9.99

Lego City 2015 3

60078 – Utility Shuttle – $19.99

Lego City 2015 2

60080 – Spaceport – $119.99

Lego City 2015 1

60079 – Training Jet Transporter – $49.99

Lego City 2015

These sets look great, its shaping up to be another great wave of Lego City sets. I do think the price of the Spaceport set is out of hand though. That was the one I was looking forward to the most, but I refuse to pay $119.99 for less than 600 pieces. I don’t know what drove the price up so high, but I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pricetag. But enough complaining. 🙂

Let me know how you feel about these upcoming sets? Will you be purchasing the Spaceport at over 20 cents a piece? I enjoy hearing from you!


Lego 2015 – Images from the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Lego loves to reveal its upcoming items at toy fairs. That’s exactly what happened at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The following images cover upcoming 2015 sets from City, Ninjago, Friends, Technic, Creator, and Architecture.

Lego 2015 11

Lego 2015 12

Lego 2015 13

Lego 2015 14

Lego 2015 15

Lego 2015 16

Lego 2015 2 Lego 2015 17

Lego 2015 3

Lego 2015 4

Lego 2015 5

Lego 2015 6

Lego 2015 8

Lego 2015 7

Lego 2015 9

Lego 2015 10

What will Lego be releasing in January 2015?

January is usually a really big month for new Lego. Here is a compilation of what we know we will be seeing when the new year rolls around.

Lego Star Wars – UCS (Ultimate Collectors Series) Slave I –

Lego UCS Slave 1

This set has been a long time coming for Star Wars fans. All 1196 pieces will be available for $199.99 on the first of the year.

Lego Disney Princess (Frozen) – Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle –

Lego Frozen

I have a feeling that this one is going to be insanely popular, considering the movie was outrageously popular.  The set includes 292 pieces and is priced at $39.99. All the main characters from the movie are included, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Lego Ideas – Birds –

Lego Ideas Bird

This is the upcoming set from the Lego Ideas line, which if you don’t know is the site where users can upload set ideas, and then have other users “support” them. Once an idea reaches 10,000 supporters it’s reviewed by Lego, and possibly made into an official set. This set includes 3 bird builds and their stands. A bluejay, a hummingbird, and a robin can be built out of 580 included pieces in this set. A meager price tag of $44.99 can be found on this box.

Lego Bionicle – 13 Brand New Sets

Lego Bionicle Reboot

Lego Bionicle is getting a re-boot in 2015. 13 new sets are planned for January. The set pictured is called Protector of Jungle and will be available for $9.99

The Lego Movie – Double-Decker Couch + 2 Other Sets –

Lego Movie Jan 2015

The Lego Movie will be getting 3 new boxes on New Years Day. This set is the one I am excited about, it’s called Double-Decker Couch, and will have 197 pieces for just $19.99. I don’t really buy the Lego Movie sets but this one I plan on picking up. It has most of the main characters, and a couple of cool builds that are in the movie. It’s also fairly cheap considering it has 4 minifigures, 1 figure, and a couple of builds. Another set is Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack, which will include 115 pieces for $9.99. That set will include a brand new version of Batman, which will excite superhero fans. Finally, Bad Cop Car Chase, will be include 292 pieces, and cost $29.99. Lego is still trying to keep The Lego Movie theme alive until the second movie is released. They aren’t doing too bad of a job either, I’m still interested. 🙂

Lego Creator – Detective’s Office –

Lego Detective's Office

This will be the newest edition to the Modular Buildings collection. It has 2 building, the detectives office, and a barber shop, both are connected with a build that appears to include a couple of balconies and a walkway. The set will have a whopping 2262 pieces for a very reasonable cost of $159.99.

Lego City – Swamp Police and More –

Lego Swamp Police

Lego is moving on from the Forest Police sub-theme, and moving to the swamp. 6 Swamp Police sets are planned including the one pictures which is called Robber Swamp Hideout. 5 “Construction” themed sets, and another 7 sets are also planned for 2015. Note: 5 of these City sets were released on Lego.com, but are already back ordered.

Lego Minifigures Series 13 –

Minifig Series 13 - 10

I have a separate post dedicated to Series 13 figs. Here is the link, make sure to check it out.


Target Offering Free Minifigure Gift Set for Cyber Monday #DealFinder

Lego Target Gift 1

In the midst of all the Cyber Monday bustle, Target is currently offering this unique and very cool minifigure collection set. The set includes only 30 pieces, but comes with 4 minifigures from 4 different themes. The Green Ninja from Ninjago, Lavertus from Chima, Swamp Cop from the Swamp Police sub-theme of City, and Superboy from DC Comics Superheroes. It’s great to be able to get the swamp cop because he isn’t widely available at this time. Superhero fans have been wanting Superboy for awhile now, although I do expect to see him in an actual set eventually.

To get the free gift, all you need to do is spend $50 on Ninjago, Chima, City, and/or Superheroes sets (some exclusions apply). For example the Marvel Gaurdians of the Galaxy sets, City Advent Calender, Bundles, and the Target exclusive sets don’t apply to this promotion. Free Shipping on all orders! If you don’t want to get it through a $50 purchase, Target is also offering it for $15 here > http://www.target.com/p/mini-figure-gift-set/-/A-16602309

Lego Target Gift 2