More News About Upcoming DC Superhero Items

Lots of news/images have surfaced this week about new figs, books, and possible sets that may make their way into the Lego DC Superhero Universe. First off we have a never before seen fig, Lightning Lad. This fig will make its way onto shelves in a new Minifigure Cube. We saw a different cube like this released exclusively at Target in December of 2014. This looks to be a new, and highly popular, thing for Lego to release yearly. See the image of Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) below!

Lightning Lad

We don’t know much about the next image. It’s a new version of the Dark Knight era Joker. No word on how this will be available to the public, or whether it’s even an official minifigure. The only known set on the 2016 list that includes the Joker is one of the new DC Racer sets. I can’t see Lego putting this figure in a $9.99 set but I’ve been proven wrong before. Maybe Lego has taken the Joker’s advice “Why so serious?” and decided to give fans a cheap way to get the Dark Knight era Joker. Only time will tell!

Lego 2016 Joker

Finally, I keep hearing rumors of a DC Character Encyclopedia. This would make sense considering the ever-growing amount of new figs we see coming out. Lego has not confirmed these rumors, but many sources are saying that we will in fact be getting this new book within the next year.

That’s all for this post. I bid you farewell…. until next time of course!


More In Depth Look at Superheroes 2016!

Lego Iron Man MK33 Polybag

Here’s a list of what’s in store for both superhero lines for the finish of 2015 and into 2016.

Marvel –

Marvel Avengers Videogame – Pre-order includes Iron Man MK33 polybag

Racer 1 – Captain America, Red Skull
Racer 2 – Spiderman, Green Goblin
Racer 3 – Hulk, Ultron
Avengers Space Mission – Captain America (Space suit), Captain Marvel, Hyperion, Iron Man (Space Suit), Thanos bigfig!
Iron Skull Submarine Attack – Iron Skull, Captain America, Iron Man (Scuba Suit), Hydra Henchman
3 Captain America Civil War sets – Black Panther, Captain America, Crossbones, Falcon, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man.

DC Comics –

Racer 1 – Bane, Robin
Racer 2 – Batman, Joker
Racer 3 – Captain Cold, Flash
Racer 4? – Catwoman, ?
Gotham City Cycle Chase – Batman, Firefly, Harley Quinn
Batman Classic TV Series Batcave
3 Batman vs. Superman

I’m super excited for the Classic Batcave set. I’m sure it will be super popular and sell out fast when it does hit shelves. Fans have also been asking for a remake of set 7886 Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck from the original Batman theme. Maybe we will finally be getting something like that with the Gotham City Cycle Chase set! As for Marvel, they are starting to give us more of what we actually want to see. I’m super pumped that Red Skull is making a return considering he’s one of my favorite villians. Along with new versions of Captain America and Iron Man it’s shaping up to be a great new line.

First Look at 2016 Lego Waves

As the 2015 Lego season winds down, fans are looking towards 2016 to see what new sets Lego will be producing. This post will focus on what will be coming out of the Star Wars, Marvel, and DC lines next year.

Lego Batman vs. Superman

DC Superheroes –

1 – 3 sets based on the Batman vs. Superman movie

You can see part of one of the sets in the above picture. This is our only look at the Batman vs. Superman sets at this time. We will likely see more than just 3 sets in the wave, but for now this is all we know of.

Marvel – 

1 – Set or sets based off Captain America: Civil War

2 – Set or sets based off the upcoming Avengers Ultron Revolution animated series

3 – Juniors set featuring Iron Man and Loki

I’m curious to see if we will get a new version of Loki. I thought we were done with new versions of him since they’ve basically moved past him in the movies. I’m also super pumped for the Captain America:Civil War sets considering The Cap is one of my favorite heroes.

Star Wars –

The following sets will be focused on the upcoming Star Wars wave. Rumor has it they could be coming out in Decmeber 18th, 2015, but they will still be the sets that normally fill the January slot so i’ll consider them 2016 sets.

1 – Unnamed The Force Awakens Microfighter (The Force Awakens)

2 –  Another Unnamed Microfighter (The Force Awakens)

3 – Unnamed Battle Pack featuring the Hero side (The Force Awakens)

4 – Unnamed Battle Pack featuring the Villain side (The Force Awakens)

5 – Battle on Takodana (The Force Awakens)

6 – The Pirate Transport (The Force Awakens)

7 – Hoth Attack (The Empire Strikes Back)

8 – Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber (The Empire Strikes Back)

9 – Droid Escape Pod (Unclear Movie Origins)

10 – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (Revenge of the Sith)

11 – 4 Unnamed Microfighters based on Star Wars Rebels

12 – 2 Battle Packs based on the Star Wars Battlefront videogame

That’s all we know for now. But it looks like it’s going to be a great wave. I’m especially excited to get something from Bespin. Looks like there will be less focus on the original 6 movies in this wave.

This preliminary list is all we have for now. Hopefully we will be getting some pics or more detailed lists soon.


SDCC 2015 Excluisve Sets

The San Diego Comic Con brings us new exclusive sets every year. This year, Lego will be releasing tons of brand-new sets and minifigures. The SDCC exclusives are always highly collectible and sell for very high prices to those who manage to get them. Without further ado, here are the sets and figs we will see coming out the event this year.

Star Wars – Dagobah Mini-build 

This set is based on the original trilogy scenes where Luke visits Yoda. It includes an R2-D2 fig.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Star Wars Set

Marvel Superheroes – Throne of Ultron

This set coresponds with the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie and includes the most minifigures in the lineup.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Marvel Set

Marvel Superheroes – All New Captain America

This fig is brand-new and exclusive. It is only seen in the comics and hasn’t made a movie appearance yet. This is the second exclusive version of Captain America we’ve seen from SDCC so far.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Marvel Minifigure

DC Superheroes – Action Comics #1 Superman

This set depicts a classic scene from the DC Comic Universe. It includes a non-exclusive Superman fig.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive DC Comics Set

DC Superheroes – Arsenal

This is the one I like the most of the lineup. It’s exclusive and we’ve never seen any other version of him. I do hope to see him in a set that is available to the general public some day though. Arsenal (Roy Harper) can be seen not only in the comics, but as a prominent character in the Arrow TV show on the CW Network.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive DC Comics Minifigure

That’s the lineup this year. What do you think of the figs and sets? Will you be attending SDCC 2015? Sound off in the comments below!

Upcoming Exclusive Superhero Figs

Lego will be releasing a couple of brand new exclusive minifigures later this year. The first is a new version of Iron Man. This MK33 (Silver Centurion) minifigure will be available when you pre-order the upcoming Lego Marvel Avengers videogame.

Lego Iron Man MK33

This looks like the most detailed version of Iron Man we have ever seen. With the arm printing and printing on the side of the legs. Not to mention the chest armor piece.

We will also be seeing the Trickster make his way into the Lego Superhero universe. Makes you wonder who he had to trick to get his own fig. 🙂 Anyways, he looks like a very detailed minifigure also. We will be getting him free in the upcoming Lego DC Movie entitled Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom.

Lego DC Movie Exclusive Trickster Fig    Lego Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom Movie

That’s all for now. What do you think of the upcoming minfigures? Will you be picking up one or both of them? Sound off below!

New Lego DC Superheroes Movie Coming Feb. 10th

Lego will be releasing it’s first movie of the year on February 10th, 2015. The Justice League vs. Bizarro League will be a full length movie centered around DC Comics’ The Justice League. The heroes will be appearing with Bizarro villans in the new film. A minifigure will also be included with your purchase of the movie. Expect to see a brand new Batman themed minifigure called Batzarro.

Lego DC - Justice League vs. Bizzaro League

Lego Superheroes 2015


A lot will be in store for the Lego superhero ranges this year. Lego DC Comics will be releasing sets based around the Batman universe and more. For now we only have 2 set names/numbers.

– 76034 Batboat Harbor Pursuit

-76035 Jokerland

Both of these titles sound great. Lego hasn’t released anything in the way of Batman watercraft since the Hunt for Killer Croc set in 2006. Could this mean that we will finally be getting a new Killer Croc minifigure?  It will be great to see if this Batman Harbor set will go along well with the Jokerland set. Jokerland is something I have been wanting to see out of Lego DC for a long time. Hopefully we can get a new Joker fig with some leg printing and more detailed face/torso. As for other DC figures that may or may not be in these 2 sets, there are rumors of a Beastboy fig being in one set. Others talk of Starfire Not to mention Deathstroke, who will go great with the Green Arrow minifigure we got in January. The only image that has surfaced is of a polybag featuring Joker and his bumber car (probably to get us excited for the Jokerland set).


As for Marvel, Lego will be releasing the Avengers Age of Ultron sets which can be seen with this link.

That’s not all though, Lego also has plans for sets based on The Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-man animated series’ . Here is a list of those set names/numbers.

-76036 Carnage’s SHEILD Sky Attack

-76037 Rhino and Sandman Supervillan Team

-76038 Unnamed Ant-man Set

This means we will be seeing 2 new Spiderman sets. 3 new minifigures can be confirmed just from the names. Carnage is the villian who can be compared to Venom. We saw the spidery creature in the Lego Marvel videogame. Rhino and Sandman are also villians in the Spider-man Universe. I am willing to bet that Rhino will be a brick built figure, and Sandman will be just a normal minifigure. Besides those there are also rumors of an Iron Spider figure and a new variant of Spiderman himself.

As for Ant-man, apparently he wont be getting his own set/sets based on the movie. But we will be getting an Ant-man figure from an Avengers Assemble set.

One last Marvel announcement before I close this post. We will finally be getting a Captain America themed minifigure based on the movies! This polybag that you see below is a minifigure of the Winter Soldier, who made his appearance in Captain America:The Winter Soldier. Note he will also be in Age of Ultron. The figure features a 2 sided face and a greatly detailed torso with printing that really captures how he looks in the movie. No word yet as to how this will be available to us, but I will definenly be striving to get my hands on it.


Well that appears to be everything so far. Hopefully there will be some more set names for the DC sets and pictures to go along with the Marvel set names.