Lego Dr. Who Officially Announced

Lego has officially announced it’s partnership with Dr. Who. A Dr. Who theme was originally proposed through Lego Ideas. It was included in the most recent Lego Ideas winners as a “maybe”. This meant that Lego was still looking into making the set and acquiring the license. Well it looks like Lego has acquired that licence and will be making a set or sets based on the popular TV show. There is also talk about a Dr. Who videogame, which could have a lot of playability too it considering all the time travel that could take place.

I don’t personally watch the show, but this is a huge step forward in other shows becoming Lego sets later on. That’s all for this post, thanks for reading. Are you a fan of the show? Will you be buying the set/sets and the videogame? What shows would you like to see Lego make into sets?