Lego 2015 Exclusive Sets List

Lego Exclusives Banner 2015

Lego will surely have another big year with exclusive sets (aka the ones that will cost you an arm and a leg but be totally worth it in all their awsomeness). So far in 2015, Lego has released the USC Star Wars Slave I and the Detectives Office modular building. Here is a list of what is rumored to be coming out throughout this year. Note that some of these will surely be available to VIP members before the specified month.

March – Marvel Superheroes Helicarrier (see my post about it here

May –  Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart and USC Star Wars TIE Fighter (Assumed to be released on May the 4th)

June – Creator Ferris Wheel

July – Ferrari F40

September – Ninjago Temple

October  – USC Star Wars Hoth Echo Base and the next Winter Village set

I’m most excited about the Hoth Base personally. I collect the Hoth sets and this one will surely put me back a good chunk of change. I just hope they include some new elements that weren’t in the previous version 7879 Hoth Echo Base.