Evolution of Lego Weapons

Lego makes weapons to include in almost all of its sets. I mean what good is a minifigure without an awesome weapon to go with it?

In the 40’s and 50’s Lego, a new and somewhat unknown brand, didn’t make plastic toys yet. They used wood instead. It was in that time period that Lego made its first weapon. It was an actual human-size wooden gun toy that looked like the below picture.

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It wasn’t until 1976 that Lego finally made a minifigure-scale weapon. It wasn’t really a gun, per say, it was just a simple 2×1 plate piece that was supposed to represent a gun. In 1978, Lego released the first specially-molded minifigure-scale weapons. The newly-designed pieces were included in a castle themed set that was simply named “Castle”.

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In 1989, Lego released its first molded gun piece. It was in a Pirate themed set called “Pirate’s Desert Island”. This marked a big leap forward in Lego weaponry. At this point Lego still hadn’t released any modern weaponry, and had policy against such “violent” toy parts. In 1996 that policy seemed to change a bit. A new Western line was released which included rifles and pistols. This marked another big leap forward in Lego’s weapons.

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Lego Star Wars was started in 1999 and this brought more challenges to Lego, who still wanted to keep the violence in sets to a minimum. That fact is a bit amusing considering “Wars” is literally in the name. In the 1999 sets, Lego included some brick-built blasters and, of course, lightsabers. In 2000, the real weapons began to make their way into the sets. Crossbows and spears began appearing.

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Lego weapons have continued to get better and better as time has gone on. Now days, Lego has a whole arsenal of weapons. The pictures below includes just a few of the weapons/accessories that Lego has made. Today, most guns and weapons come from licensed themes or Collectable Minifigure Series. The most notable addition in recent years, it the machine guns from the Indiana Jones line in 2008-2009.

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That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this post. If you are looking for a blog about weapons and such, check out this link to a great blog!   https://historicalevolutionofweapons.wordpress.com