Upcoming Lego Minecraft Sets

Lego will be releasing 4 new Minecraft sets later this year. Here are the pics and details on the upcoming sets.

21119 – The Dungeon – $19.99

Lego Minecraft Phase 2

21120 – The Snow Hideout – $34.99

Lego Mincraft Phase 2

21121 – The Desert Outpost – $59.99

Lego Minecraft Phase - 2

21122 – The Nether Fortress – $79.99

Lego Mine craft Phase 2

It’s looking like a great second wave for the Minecraft theme. I’m personally not into Miecraft, but I love that Snow Hideout set. I think I may pick that one up when it’s released.

Will you be buying any of these sets? Do you recognize any of the new minifigures from the game? Make sure and comment, I enjoy hearing your thoughts!


Lego 2015 – Images from the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Lego loves to reveal its upcoming items at toy fairs. That’s exactly what happened at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The following images cover upcoming 2015 sets from City, Ninjago, Friends, Technic, Creator, and Architecture.

Lego 2015 11

Lego 2015 12

Lego 2015 13

Lego 2015 14

Lego 2015 15

Lego 2015 16

Lego 2015 2 Lego 2015 17

Lego 2015 3

Lego 2015 4

Lego 2015 5

Lego 2015 6

Lego 2015 8

Lego 2015 7

Lego 2015 9

Lego 2015 10

6 New Lego Minecraft Sets Coming Nov. 15th!

Lego Minecraft - The Mine

Lego has announced a release date and the official pictures for the 6 new minifigure-scale Minecraft sets. 4 sets have been released in the past, but they were not minifigure-scale so no minifigures were included. This is a great step forward in the Lego Minecraft theme, and I expect these too fly off the shelves even faster than the previous 4 did. Here is a list of names and info on the coming sets:

The Cave – $19.99 – 249 pieces – Includes Steve, a zombie, and a spider

The Farm – $29.99 – 262 pieces – Includes Steve, a skeleton, a cow, and a sheep

The First Night – $39.99 – 408 pieces – Includes Steve, a Creeper, and a pig

Crafting Box – $49.99 – 518 pieces – Includes Steve, a skeleton, and a mooshroom

The Ender Dragon – $69.99 – 634 pieces – Includes Steve, 3 Endermen, and The Ender Dragon

The Mine – $109.99 – 922 pieces – Includes Steve, a Creeper, a zombie, a skeleton, and a spider.

So there is your list. These will all be available for purchase on November 15th, 2014. Here is a link to the Minecraft Lego Shop page.  (http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Minecraft-ByTheme)  The Crafting Box is probably the most unique of the sets. The $50 set includes 518 assorted pieces that can be used to build a variety of ideas and suggestions that are given to you in the instruction/idea book. My thoughts on the sets are that they are for the most part reasonably priced, although The Mine set seems to be about $10 high. I also think that there are a lot of Steve minifigures as he is included in every set. If you plan on purchasing all these sets, plan on having a lot of Steve figs. Overall, this is an amazing wave, and although I am not a Minecraft enthusiast, these sets are very intriguing!