Lego Ninjago 2015

Ninjago returned in 2014 with many more boxes of uniquely designed sets. So far in 2015, we’ve seen lots more sets released. August 2015 will brung us even more sets from the Ninjago universe. This time, though, there are ghosts! Here are the box images of the upcoming sets.

70733 – Blaster Bikes – $19.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 1

70734 Master Wu Dragon – $39.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 2

70735 – Ronin R.E.X. – $49.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 3

70737 – Titan Mech Battle – $59.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 5

70736 – Attack of the Moro Dragon – $69.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 4

70738 – Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty – $119.99

Lego Ninjago 2015 - 6

The Ninjago Videogame – Shadow of Ronin

Lego Ninjago Videogame 2015

I love where the Ninjago line is going. It’s great to get new glow in the dark elements. Plus those little ghost creatures will looks great with my Ghostbusters set. 🙂 These are set to be released in August.

Thanks for reading. Make sure to write your thoughts on the upcoming sets in the comments. I love hearing from you!


Lego 2015 Exclusive Sets List

Lego Exclusives Banner 2015

Lego will surely have another big year with exclusive sets (aka the ones that will cost you an arm and a leg but be totally worth it in all their awsomeness). So far in 2015, Lego has released the USC Star Wars Slave I and the Detectives Office modular building. Here is a list of what is rumored to be coming out throughout this year. Note that some of these will surely be available to VIP members before the specified month.

March – Marvel Superheroes Helicarrier (see my post about it here

May –  Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart and USC Star Wars TIE Fighter (Assumed to be released on May the 4th)

June – Creator Ferris Wheel

July – Ferrari F40

September – Ninjago Temple

October  – USC Star Wars Hoth Echo Base and the next Winter Village set

I’m most excited about the Hoth Base personally. I collect the Hoth sets and this one will surely put me back a good chunk of change. I just hope they include some new elements that weren’t in the previous version 7879 Hoth Echo Base.

Lego 2015 – Images from the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Lego loves to reveal its upcoming items at toy fairs. That’s exactly what happened at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The following images cover upcoming 2015 sets from City, Ninjago, Friends, Technic, Creator, and Architecture.

Lego 2015 11

Lego 2015 12

Lego 2015 13

Lego 2015 14

Lego 2015 15

Lego 2015 16

Lego 2015 2 Lego 2015 17

Lego 2015 3

Lego 2015 4

Lego 2015 5

Lego 2015 6

Lego 2015 8

Lego 2015 7

Lego 2015 9

Lego 2015 10

Target Offering Free Minifigure Gift Set for Cyber Monday #DealFinder

Lego Target Gift 1

In the midst of all the Cyber Monday bustle, Target is currently offering this unique and very cool minifigure collection set. The set includes only 30 pieces, but comes with 4 minifigures from 4 different themes. The Green Ninja from Ninjago, Lavertus from Chima, Swamp Cop from the Swamp Police sub-theme of City, and Superboy from DC Comics Superheroes. It’s great to be able to get the swamp cop because he isn’t widely available at this time. Superhero fans have been wanting Superboy for awhile now, although I do expect to see him in an actual set eventually.

To get the free gift, all you need to do is spend $50 on Ninjago, Chima, City, and/or Superheroes sets (some exclusions apply). For example the Marvel Gaurdians of the Galaxy sets, City Advent Calender, Bundles, and the Target exclusive sets don’t apply to this promotion. Free Shipping on all orders! If you don’t want to get it through a $50 purchase, Target is also offering it for $15 here >

Lego Target Gift 2