The new Lego Pirates theme.

This year, maybe even as early as February 1st, Lego will be releasing a brand new Pirates theme. It will consist of 5 sets including a brand new pirate ship. Considering it will be a few more years til the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is out, this will hold over the Lego Pirate fans until then. Here are images of the 5 upcoming sets.

Shipwreck Defense – 84 pieces

Lego 2015 Pirates 1

Soldiers Outpost – 164 pieces

Lego 2015 Pirates 2

Treasure Island – 181 pieces

Lego 2015 Pirates 3

Soldiers Fort – 234 pieces

Lego 2015 Pirates 4

The Brick Bounty – 745 pieces

Lego 2015 Pirates 5

I like how Lego is starting to incorporate more minfigure quality. I mean how they have the newer style hairpiece and new printings on torsos and pants. My personal favorite of the 5 is the Soldiers Fort set. I love the way the female soldier and the admiral figs look. Not to mention that awsome flag. 🙂

No official release date has been set, but I expect them to be hitting shelves within the next few months.