How many items did Lego actually release in 2014?

Lets just say the answer is over 700. Read on for stats, more info, and an in-depth look at each theme and which got the most boxes.

2014 was the biggest year to date for the number of items Lego released. Just to give you an idea, I’m going to throw out some numbers for each year since 2009. Note these numbers aren’t exact, but I assure you, they are pretty accurate. Also note that these numbers include all items (Lego gear, books, promotional sets, event giveaways, movies, video games on each platform, actual sets, etc.) In 2009 Lego released around 470 items. In 2010, around 510 items were produced. 2011 saw roughly 590 new items. The yearly increase jumped rapidly in 2012 with around 690 items. Numbers actually decreased in 2013 with nearly 680 new items, but spiked again in 2014 with right around 720. There’s the magic number, 720 items. What a bankrupting year Lego threw at us.

2014 saw the introduction of new themes, but a brand new theme didn’t rack up the most sets. Any guesses on which theme had the most (before you read on and find the answer)?

Star Wars – 35 items

Marvel Superheroes – 12 items

DC Comics Superheroes – 9 items

Hobbit – 5 items

Lord of the Rings – None šŸ˜¦

Lego Ideas – 4 items

The Lego Movie – 25 items

The Simpsons (Not including Minifigure Series) – 1 item

Disney Princess – 7 items

Friends – 42 items

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 10 items

Chima – 47 items

Ninjago – 10 items

Minecraft – 7 items

Technic – 11 items

Series MinifiguresĀ – 3 series w/ 48 individual items

Creator – 19 items

Creator Expert – 5 items

Ultra Agents – 6 sets

Architecture – 2 items

City – 36 items

Duplo – 38 items

Juniors – 11 items

Fusion – 4 items

Seasonal – 14 items

Hero Factory – 17 items

Mixels – 3 series w/ 28 individual items

Castle – 2 items

Media (DVD/Video Games/Music/Books/etc.) – 21 items

It looks like if you don’t count each individual minifigure from the Collectible Minifigure Series, Chima had the most sets. Personally, I’m not into that theme, but it does make sense to me. Chima sees a lot of those cheaper $9.99 – $19.99 Speedorz sets and other smaller sets like polybags. Plus new Chima waves always have large amounts of new sets. But don’tĀ forget Friends, Star Wars, Duplo, and City, who also saw large amount of sets as usual.

Thanks for reading. What did you like most about Lego 2014? Is there a certain theme you liked that was new, or one that returned?Ā Make sure to comment below. šŸ™‚