My story on making money with Lego.

In January I purchased a collection of 40+ sets from a guy on craigslist. I just stumbled upon the craigslist ad. It was priced at $275. That probably sounds like a lot to most people, but to an experienced Lego fan, you’d know that that’s a steal. In the collection there were 20 Star Wars sets, most were the originals from 1999 but ranged from ’99 – ’04. There was also over 20 other sets from the 90’s included. Those “others” included castle/pirates/space/adventure/western/etc type sets. So before I committed to buying it, I got on (a site specifically dedicated to buying/selling Lego). I searched all of the sets and got estimates on how much I could sell each one for. I found out that they were worth around $765. At this point I was ecstatic. I’m looking at the profit numbers of almost $500. So I contact the guy and agree to buy them. But before I could go through with the deal I had to come up with $275 to invest in the deal. Off to the bank I went. I borrowed the money from my savings account and went to pick up my stuff. At some sort of engineering firm an hour from where I live, I hauled off 5 heaping grocery sacks full of Lego. When I arrived back home the sorting began. I spent almost an hour sorting the sets by theme and making sure every set was there. Everything seemed to be there but who can tell if all 800 pieces of a set are there just by looking. Next came the building phase. For the next 2 days, I spent countless hours building set after set until all 40 were put together. There was a grand total of 3 pieces missing. Most people would be annoyed at this, but I thought it was justified considering the guy had to sort the thousands of pieces that were included. In the listing he said all sets were complete with the instructions, but he did note that there could have been a few pieces lost in the shuffle. After countless hours of building, I had all 40 put together. The entire dining room table was covered twice with Lego sets. Here are a couple pictures to see just how much there actually was. Ignore all the junk in the background 🙂

clego,peagle 058

January 2015 199

As you can see, there was a lot there. Those pictures don’t even include the 5 sets that I kept for my personal collection. Of course, as a hardcore Lego collector, I couldn’t let every single one of the awesome sets slip by, so I decided on 5 to keep for myself. This cut the profit number down to around $650, but still, the ones I kept were basically free considering i’m still profiting substantially.

Next came the selling process. I had recently joined an amazing Facebook group called “Lego for sale/swap/wanted USA”. It’s an absolutely awesome community of Lego addicts who buy, sell, or trade Lego products. I definitely recommend that any Lego enthusiast join the page! Anyways, that’s where I began to sell my sets, the Star Wars ones went fast, I sold 18/20 within the first week. Next came the others, I’ve sold 16/22 so far. Leaving me with 8 unsold sets at the moment. Since no one in the Facebook group is interested, I will post them on E-bay or bricklink later this week. As of today, I have around $500 from the sales. After returning the $275 to my savings account today, I’ve profited around $225 so far, with 8 more sets left to sell.

I just thought I would share this story with everyone and see what you thought about it. I really enjoyed building all the sets and if I could make a living buying and reselling Lego, I would totally go for it. Maybe it can be a part-time job on the side. 🙂


My Favorite Sets From Liscensed Themes So Far

Lego Indiana Jones – Fight On The Flying Wing


I like this set because it gave us an awesome aircraft like the flying wing. Lego doesn’t release much for military type sets and this was a cool way to incorporate that. Other awesome Indy sets include:Temple of Doom, Temple Escape, and The Lost Tomb.

Lego DC Comics – The Batcave


I like this set because it captures so many aspects of Batman, and is such an iconic place in the Batman universe. I enjoy all the minifigures, especially Poison Ivy and Bruce Wayne. The use of translucent light blue bricks really improves the visual attraction for me. Other notable DC sets include:The Penguin Face off, The Tumbler, and The Man of Steel Black Zero Escape.

Lego Marvel Superheroes – The Quinjet Ariel Battle  


It had to be an Avengers set, it just had to be. 🙂 I love this set because it really captures the Avengers well, I love the look of the Quinjet and it includes my personal favorite Marvel minifigure, Black Widow. Other notable Marvel sets include: Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack, Captain America vs. Hydra, and The Milano Space Rescue.

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Lair Invasion


This one may be a little biased, sorry, I don’t personally watch the TV series, so I picked this one from the movie which I really enjoyed. This set includes the turtles’ lair, which is pretty iconic to the TMNT universe. I like how it includes 3 separate sections that each have their own features. The sections can of course be attached to make one big build, but I like the ability to separate it. The minifigures seal the deal, with 2 turtles, Shredder, Splinter, and a couple of foot soldiers, they really bring the set together. Other notable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets include: Turtle Van Takedown, Kraang Lab Escape, and The Shell-raiser Street Chase.

Lego Hobbit – An Unexpected Gathering 


This set was one that I got way excited about when I learned of its release. This little hillside home in the Shire is not only iconic in The Hobbit, but also in the Lord of the Rings movies. The set really has some awesome features and is a really fun build. The minifigures in this set are spot on and I absolutely love the new version of Bilbo Baggins. Other notable Hobbit sets include: The Goblin King Battle, Lake-town Chase, and The Lonely Mountain.

Lego Lord of the Rings – The Mines of Moria 


This set was based off of my favorite part of the entire LOTR trilogy, the adventures through the depths of Moria. It’s not everyday we get a Lego set based on a scene that takes place underground, and I think they captured the feel of the mine pretty well. The minifigures are great and getting Pippin really sealed the deal. The Cave Troll looks amazing, and I also enjoy all the stickers from the set which really make it look more complete and more realistic to the movie. Other notable Lord of the Rings sets include: Battle of Helm’s Deep, Pirate Ship Ambush, and Tower of Orthanc.

Lego Harry Potter – The Burrow


This was one of the hardest ones to pick, there are just so many cool Harry Potter sets. I finally settled on this one after debating between this one and the 3 sets I will list below in the “notable” section. This set is my favorite not only because of the awesome build, but because of the minifigures! We not only get some of Ron’s family, but we get Fenrir and my personal favorite Harry Potter fig, Belatrix. She is such an amazing minifigure, her hair piece just perfectly captures her in the movie. Other notable Harry Potter sets include: Hogwarts Castle, Diagon Alley, and The Hogwarts Express. Also, I can’t leave out the previous Harry Potter releases, which include notable sets like:Graveyard Duel, Hogwarts Castle 2007, and The Shrieking Shack.

Lego Toy Story – Western Train Chase 


Any train that Lego releases is automatically going to be pretty cool. This one comes with all the minifigures you’ll need for your Toy Story collection, basically all the iconic ones are in this set. The train itself features some pretty cool stuff also, the engine is very cartoon-ish which relates well to the animated movie, the other train cars include stuff like a money car, and the passenger car where all those little dolls are trapped in the movie and are about to go off the broken tracks down into the cliff. Other notable Toy Story sets include: Pizza Planet Truck Rescue, Army Men on Patrol, and Woody’s Roundup.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean – The Black Pearl


This set has got to be the coolest pirate set that Lego has ever released. With it’s big sails, cannons, and that skull and crossbones pirate flag that just finishes off the whole ship. Some cool features were put into the ship like the 3 torch lamps at the back of the ship, the cabin’s quarters which is below the steering wheel towards the back of the ship, and the statue at the front that’s made out of minifiure parts. Speaking of minifigures…… Davy Jones!!!! Not to mention Bootstrap Bill and the very unique Maccus, with his hammerhead shark head piece. Other notable Pirates of the Caribbean sets include:The Cannibal Escape, Whitecap Bay, and Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Lego Cars – Flo’s V8 Cafe 


This set is one of the coolest Cars sets in my opinion. Its from the original movie, and is a pretty iconic place in the Cars universe. It’s also the only set in which you can get Flo, Sally, Sarge, and Ramone. So, lots of unique cars from the set! Other notable Cars sets include: Big Bently Bust Out, Oil Rig Escape, and Mack’s Team Truck.

Lego The Lone Ranger – Silver Mine Shootout 


The Lone Ranger theme may have been some-what of a failure for Lego, but I love the western type sets, and this is my personal favorite of The Lone Ranger line. Yes, another mine, but this is different from The Mines of Moria. 😉 This one has lots of tans and grays that make it look like something straight out of the desert. It has train track for the mining cart, a waterfall, and even that skull that just ties it all together. The minifigures are cool too, it has exclusive versions of Tonto and The Lone Ranger in which they appear dirty and worn down from battling with Butch Cavendish (who can also be found in the Constitution Train set). My favorite fig from the set is the Indian named Chief Big Bear, he has an awesome look to him and his hair piece is new to Lego. Other notable Lone Ranger sets include: Constitution Train Chase, Comanche Camp, and The Cavalry Builder Set.

Lego Star Wars – Motorized Walking AT-AT


This was extremely difficult to narrow down to one set. Star Wars is just such a huge range that has been around for over a decade and released over 400 items. It came down to a toss up between the Motorized AT-AT and The Ewok Village. I only picked this one because I own it personally,  I don’t have the Ewok Village so I couldn’t accurately choose it as my favorite. This version of the AT-AT is from the Hoth part of Episode 5 (my personal favorite out of all the Star Wars movies). It stands out from the other versions because it actually walks!! The power function parts inside of it allow it to move its legs and walk similarly to how it does in the movies. The minifigures are also pretty neat, even though Snowspeeder Luke and Snowtroopers have come to be a bit cliche/vastly available, General Veers and the AT-AT Pilot are very cool figs. Other notable Star Wars sets include: Battle of Endor, Republic Gunship 2013, Mos Eisley Cantina 2014, MTT 2007 or 2014, and The Ewok Village.

Other Licensed Themes include Spongebob Squarepants sets like Glove World and the Rocket Ride. More licenses include Ben 10: Alien Force, Prince of Persia, Disney Princess, Speed Racer, the Ferrari sub-theme of Racers, the Sports range, the Jurassic Park 3 sub-theme of Studios, and the smallest theme to-date Avatar: The Last Airbender which had only 2 sets.

Picture of the 2nd Lego Christmas Promo Set

Lego Christmas 2014 Set #2

Here is a picture of the 2nd Lego Christmas 2014 set called 40107 Winter Skating Scene. The set will be available exclusively in the online Lego Shop during Brick Friday (aka Black Friday shopping weekend) for free with a purchase of a certain amount (presumably $99). In past years, the set offered during Black Friday, like this one, is offered past that weekend and into December. But, once supplies run out, the set will be gone for good. The 1st Lego Christmas set is called the Lego Elves’ Workshop, it will be available through October 31st, 2014 in the online Lego Shop with a purchase of $99 or more.