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Lego The Hunger Games MOC – The Reaping

Lego 007

The following is a set I designed based on the Hunger Games movies, specifically the reaping scene from the first Hunger Games movie. The set includes the District 12 Town Hall, and 7 minifigures. The figs are as follows – Effie Trinket, 2 Peace Keepers, and 4 others that make up the crowd. In the set itself, there is 2 bowls, one for the boys and one for the girls. Inside the bowls there are stud pieces that represent the papers with the names of the possible tributes. The simple microphone is constructed of only 4 pieces and looks similar to the old fashioned mic that was in the movie. Besides the 2 doors, there is 2 large lamp lights that hang from the top of the city hall building.

   Lego 011 Lego 013



Lego McDonald’s MOC –

I built this a couple years back over the summer, it took me a couple days to get it right, and my first few drafts were a sight for sore eyes. But anyways, this is a build I designed based on the classic style McDonald’s. If you don’t know, McDonald’s is a popular fast food chain with over 35,000 restaurants worldwide. Here is a picture of the whole thing.

Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 012 Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 013

As you can see, it has the big sign with the iconic golden arches, the white/red/yellow color scheme, and of course the drive through. The room is removable to gain access to a detailed inside with the cash register/cooking area, beverage filling station, and seating.

Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 014Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 015


The menu, beverage machine, minifigure uniforms, and drive through ordering machine, I just printed off the internet, ran them through a sticker maker, and stuck them where they needed to go.  The taxi vehicle that you can see going through the drive through is actually from the #7937 Train Station set. Below are 2 more pictures, one of the drive through, and one of the rear of the building. Outdoor seating and the sign are there in the back.

Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 018 Connor Lego Dec. 3, 2014 016



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