Lego Winter Soldier Poly Finally Coming to the US

It has officially been announced that the highly suaght-after Winter Soldier polybag will finally be available to the general public. Previously, the only way to get the poly was to buy the Helicarrier set. With a $350 price tag many people weren’t able to buy the set and therefore couldn’t get the Winter Soldier poly. Personally, I am a huge Captain America fan so I am very excited to be able to get him free with a purchase. This promotion will go on from June 1st – 30th considering supplies last.

LEGO Winter Soldier Promotion

All that is required to get the free minfiigure is to spend $75 or more at a Lego Store or online at As for the figure itself, he is highly detailed. He has a printed arm and a double sided face. Not to mention the awesome looking torso printing on the front and back. This promotion doesn’t require you to buy a Marvel superheroes set to get the fig. You can purchase any Lego items adding up to $75 or more to get the freebie.

That’s all for now. What do you think of this fig? Will you be purchasing $75 worth of stuff to get him free? Or do you already have him from ordering the Helicarrier? Sound off in the comments below!