Bricktober Mini Modular Sets Coming Soon

Lego has done it again. They will be partnering with Toys R Us again this year to bring us another wave of mini-modular sets. The previous wave (October 2014) was super popular so it’s a no brainier for Lego to bring them back this year. These will be available in October at Toys R Us stores. No word yet on the exact dates or what purchase amount will be necessary to get the set free. Without further ado, here are the images of the 4 upcoming sets.

Bricktober Mini Modular 1

Bricktober Mini Modular 2

Bricktober Mini Modular 3

Bricktober Mini Modular 4

There they are in all their glory. What do you think of them? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments what you think of them, and whether or not you plan on getting some/all of them up!