More In Depth Look at Superheroes 2016!

Lego Iron Man MK33 Polybag

Here’s a list of what’s in store for both superhero lines for the finish of 2015 and into 2016.

Marvel –

Marvel Avengers Videogame – Pre-order includes Iron Man MK33 polybag

Racer 1 – Captain America, Red Skull
Racer 2 – Spiderman, Green Goblin
Racer 3 – Hulk, Ultron
Avengers Space Mission – Captain America (Space suit), Captain Marvel, Hyperion, Iron Man (Space Suit), Thanos bigfig!
Iron Skull Submarine Attack – Iron Skull, Captain America, Iron Man (Scuba Suit), Hydra Henchman
3 Captain America Civil War sets – Black Panther, Captain America, Crossbones, Falcon, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man.

DC Comics –

Racer 1 – Bane, Robin
Racer 2 – Batman, Joker
Racer 3 – Captain Cold, Flash
Racer 4? – Catwoman, ?
Gotham City Cycle Chase – Batman, Firefly, Harley Quinn
Batman Classic TV Series Batcave
3 Batman vs. Superman

I’m super excited for the Classic Batcave set. I’m sure it will be super popular and sell out fast when it does hit shelves. Fans have also been asking for a remake of set 7886 Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck from the original Batman theme. Maybe we will finally be getting something like that with the Gotham City Cycle Chase set! As for Marvel, they are starting to give us more of what we actually want to see. I’m super pumped that Red Skull is making a return considering he’s one of my favorite villians. Along with new versions of Captain America and Iron Man it’s shaping up to be a great new line.


Lego Avengers Age of Ultron – Official Box Images

The new Avengers movies will soon be upon on. The Lego sets will be upon us even sooner. Lego has released the official images of the sets. Here they are!

76029 – Iron Man vs. UItron

Lego Avengers Box 1

76030 – Avengers Hydra Showdown

Lego Avengers Box 2

76031 – The Hulkblaster Smash

Lego Avengers Box 5

76038 – Attack on Avengers Tower

Lego Avengers Box 4

76032 – Avengers Quintjet City Chase

Lego Avengers Box 3

No official images have been offered of the last set, 76041 Attack on Hydra Fortress. This more than likely means that the set will be a “Hard to Find” set. It may even be a store exclusive. In the past, certain sets have only been available from Lego and a specific store like Toys R Us, Target, etc. Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to these sets and the movie in May.